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Moviescapital.com Review

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Does it happen to you as well that you spend endless number of hours trying to download some movie and all you are left with are innumerable instructions and nothing of substance in the end? The whole exercise ends up being nothing but a waste of time. Usually the end result is a spoilt evening and no place to go to watch your favorite movie. In this article I will share with you my personal review of the website moviescapital.com and my experience of downloading movies from them. I will also discuss what are they actually? How I found their services? What are the pros and cons of their services and my conclusion in the end? Before taking a membership at moviescapital.com, I was quite skeptical as I had bad experiences with many such websites in the past. So, I started reading up all the reviews related to ‘movies capital’ on the Internet before I felt convinced that their offer was really worth giving a go. I would highly recommend that you head onto their website and familiarize yourself with their services prior to reading any further. Or, if you’re not too keen and are ready to take my word, here’s what I have to say!


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What is MoviesCapital.com?

Moviescapital.com is a website which provides movie downloads on a legal basis. It features several categories of movies varying from oldies to present-day blockbusters in its elaborate database. What more, the speed that it offers will allow you to enjoy your favorite movie from within the luxury of your home in a matter of less than an hour of download, depending on your internet speed. In order to download all these movies you do not require any P2P sharing or third-party software. The movie downloads available are normally very fast and have no limits on the time or bandwidth. Every movie that features on this website is fully licensed to moviescapital.com. You even have the liberty to burn any of the movies onto a DVD or save it on your pen drive or compatible device for later viewing. The print quality of movies featured on this website is better than average and it requires a nominal one-time joining fee to gain access to its unlimited content.

What all do you require to view movies on moviescapital.com?

In order to get the best viewing results, it is recommended that you have a stable Internet connection which doesn’t go off every now and then. The website in itself is very fast in terms of response, permitting quick navigation between its different pages in a matter of few clicks.

What all content is available on moviescapital.com?

Anyone who relishes watching movies cannot simply help but fall in love with moviescapital.com. It has a comprehensive collection of movies divided into different categories. Apart from being segregated based on current movies and classic selections, its database features action, comedy, horror, suspense, cartoons, romance, documentaries, musical, true to life, family, high definition, sponsored, sci-fi, action, thriller and animation movies. Also available are different sequels of popular movies so that you don’t miss out on the later parts or episodes of any movie. The website guarantees that you will get a complete movie viewing experience whenever or wherever you wish to watch your favorite movie title.

What MoviesCapital.com can do for you?

This website makes available a vast and comprehensive DVD archive for its users where they can carry out search based on movie titles or categories. Once you have signed up as a member into their program, you receive unlimited access to the movie downloads with no subsequent fee. This implies that you will be able to download as many movies as you want forever! The download process is also extremely simple. All you require is to locate the movie you wish to download and start downloading it right away by the click of a mouse button. The moviescapital.com database is updated constantly and more and more movie titles are added every now and then. This subscription is available to anyone who is ready to pay and there are no extra hardware or installation charges involved. One doesn’t need to be a computer wizard in order to download movies from moviescapital.com.

MoviesCapital.com Pros

Unlimited movie access – once you become a member at moviescapital.com you will be able to download and watch as many as you want, without facing any restrictions.

Facility of legally burning and saving movies onto computer or DVDs without incurring any extra charge – the members are allowed to burn and save the movies they have downloaded onto a DVD or onto the laptop/computer for viewing at a later time. You can create your own personal compilation of the movies you like. Please keep in mind that moviescapital.com possesses the license to legally distribute all these movies, either in a direct download or streaming format.

No additional subscription fee involved – membership into the moviescapital.com website involves only a one-time payment and no additional subscription fee or a recurring fee is involved. The only payment that will be taken from you will be at the time of initial account setup, at the time of registering as a member.

Completely safe and virus free downloads – moviescapital.com guarantees that all downloads done from their website are completely safe for viewing, without any fear of virus attack. The prints are normally all good and do not have any defects which may hamper your viewing experience or cause harm to your hardware.

Watch your favorite movies from the luxury of your home – we all know that watching movies in theatres can sometimes be a very traumatizing affair, especially if people around you do not maintain decorum as expected in a theatre. With moviescapital.com you will no longer have to worry about disturbances while watching a movie as you can download your favorite movie and watch it at a convenient time with the people that you wish to watch it with.

Watch movies on any device – moviescapital.com does not put any restrictions on the hardware you use for watching movies. After you have downloaded your favorite movie, you can view it anytime anywhere on a device which is compatible with the movie format. You can watch your favorite movie either on your computer, television, handheld device a Tablet PC. Moviescapital.com also facilitates configuration facility for your device so that it can display the downloaded movie. In case you require any software tool for converting the movie format, moviescapital.com provides that too, to make it easier for you.

All movies are coded in universal AVI format – normally, to spare conversion hassles to the users, moviescapital.com makes sure that all its movies are in a unified AVI format which plays on almost all the devices.

A comprehensive collection – movie collection on moviescapital.com is quite comprehensive and features movies of all kinds ranging from early classics to contemporary ones.

High-speed direct downloads – moviescapital.com makes use of direct high-speed downloads in order to make sure that you do not have to wait longer and don’t have to worry about file sharing or P2P.

Download and save movies for as long as you want – at moviescapital.com, the users can save their favorite movies and view them any time they wish without worrying about any restriction on the duration period or time limit.

Easily downloadable movies – at moviescapital.com you can download your favorite movies almost instantly without facing any complications. You need not be a computer wizard to download these movies. Anyone having basic knowledge of computers can download by simply clicking on the ‘download now’ button against the movie title. In case you wish to watch the movie in a streaming format without saving it onto your computer or device, you need to simply click on the ‘play now’ button and it will start instantly.

Global reach – the movies featured at moviescapital.com have a global reach. As long as you have a working Internet connection and a device for download, you can watch these movies from almost anywhere in the world.

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MoviesCapital.com Cons

Internet connectivity – please keep in mind that you will not be able to download or watch movies at moviescapital.com without a working Internet connection. Since moviescapital.com is a website hosted on Internet, it is essential that you have Internet connectivity to avail of its services.

Download speeds and occasional streaming problems – it is possible that you may experience online streaming issues or problems with your download speed if the quality of your internet connection is poor. You may have to wait for movie to buffer every now and then in case of streaming content, or may have to wait endlessly for download to complete. This problem can be tackled by getting in touch with internet service provider and opting for a plan that offers you good download speeds.

What is the best plan to opt for at moviescapital.com?

If you are a hardcore movie buff just like me, it will best that you choose their platinum membership program. I did just the same and can download as many movies I wish at any point of time in the day. The platinum membership costs a one-time fee of $39.95 and gives you unrestricted and unlimited movie download facility for a period of 2 years. Their silver or gold membership allows for only 25 and 50 movie downloads respectively. Nevertheless, if it is a limited number of movie titles you have in mind, or you simply wish to do a test ride first, silver or gold membership plans are also good.


After having used the services of moviescapital.com personally, I can say with great conviction that their collection is extremely good and movies can be watched without facing any hassles. What more, you will save a lot of cash as the service is extremely economical and you will no longer be spending big bucks on watching movies in the theaters or renting them out from movie rental shops. I was able to download my favorite movies from eight different locations around the world, on different hardware devices. Anyone can become a member and benefit from their unlimited access facility. Considering the fact that they provide a comprehensive 60 days money back guarantee, makes it an all the more reason to go ahead and test their offerings. If you feel at any point of time within the first 60 days of membership that their service is really not what you expected, you can simply ask for a complete refund with no strings attached.

All in all I found moviescapital.com to be an excellent website for unrestricted movie downloads. The download speeds were excellent and matched up to the speeds offered by my internet service provider. I was particularly interested in some timeless classic movies which I was finding to get hold of for quite some time. I got almost all of them under one umbrella at moviescapital.com. I would highly recommend this website to all serious movie buffs!


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